The jugs that like to go glug…
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Gluggle Jugs are useful,decorative and FUN!

A Great Talking Point

Gluggle jugs are fish shaped water jugs. When filled they produce an amusing ‘glug glug’ sound when poured. The ‘Gluggle Jug’ is a versatile product, which can be used as a water jug, wine carafe, vase, utensil jar or ornament – and makes an ideal gift that people will never tire of using.

Gluggle Jugs At Parties

Gluggle jugs are a great talking point and a perfect way to get the party started …. they encourage conversation and laughter! Children especially love the sound and many a giggle can be heard at tea time. Drinking water is good for you and ‘Gluggle Jugs’ make it so much more fun!

Watch the video and hear it for yourself

Watch our 20 second video to experience the 'glug' for yourself...
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