Large Pure White Cockerel


The Cockerel Gluggle Jugs make a wonderful deep ‘gluggle’ sound when poured and righted.   The Cockerels are designed for chicken lovers everywhere and will be available for a limited amount of time, as once sold will not be reproduced.   They are very attractive and can be used as a water jug or ornament.   Made from durable vitreous porcelain.   To clean, we would recommend hand washing it in hot soapy water and rinsing thoroughly to remove any liquid from the jug before use.


  • Capacity: c.1.1L (4-5 tumblers)
  • Height: c.27cm
  • Weight (unfilled): c.1.8kg app.
  • Country of Manufacture: Sri Lanka
  • Packaging/postage: Packaged in a brown mail order carton with inners to keep the jug in place and delivery is usually 2-3 days from order for UK deliveries. If you would like another option, please call for alternative delivery options
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